Sierra Agape was founded in 2010 by Kimball C. Pier, Ph.D. Dr. Pier is a licensed marriage and family therapist whose vision was to create a place that offered a range of holistic therapeutic services on a sliding fee basis for those without insurance. We believe in making healing affordable and available for everyone. Today Sierra Agape is comprised of a team of professionals and volunteers devoted to creating a welcoming and healing place where you can learn about yourself and work through many of life’s challenges.

At Sierra Agape, we believe that people most often suffer from emotional discomfort for reasons that can be understood – and mitigated – by better understanding perceptions, the environment (including work and school), relationships, eating habits, relationship with one’s body, access to nature, culture and spiritual life. Of course, when clients and the therapist agree that additional treatment are needed, Sierra Agape therapists will refer clients to appropriate resources including psychiatrists and medical doctors. We offer yoga therapy, mindfulness-based practices for healing anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress in addition to resources for nutrition counseling and other adjunct healing services.

For psychotherapy, Kimball C. Pier accepts the following insurance plans:

  • Anthem Blue Cross (most plans including Covered California plans)
  • California health & Wellness

Sierra Agape Center’s Services:


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