Sierra Agape Therapeutic Services is committed to creating accessible, affordable therapeutic services and to consider each person in the context of their unique history, their ancestry and the greater culture according to the following ideas:

  • As part of the great body of Nature, we reflect what is imbalanced or oppressive in our culture and in nature in our expression of psychological and physical symptoms.
  • Exploring our connection or disconnection from Nature and how we are influenced by the greater culture gives us perspective on our behaviors and attitudes. Awareness of both creates opportunity to bring balance and peace back into our lives.
  • People deserve to receive care and to begin the journey of discovery in a non-threatening, non-judgmental and loving manner

Our vision is to broaden the traditional way of providing counseling or therapy from being focused on illness or disease to understanding symptoms as an expression of an imbalance or an outcome of acute or chronic trauma. We also experience dis-ease of mind, body and soul when we have not followed an intuitive call or a creative urge.  In therapy, we learn to attend to our hearts and our imaginations rather than avoiding those inward “calls” by over-working, over-thinking or numbing out, all of which lead to imbalance. The inward journey of therapy means:

  • Exploring the domains of body, mind and soul
  • Finding vitality through body awareness, creating healthy relationships
  • Healing from trauma by understanding how it has affected our central nervous systems
  • Discovering spiritual practices that fit you
  • Attuning to your unique life path and learning to express it creatively

Sierra Agape Therapeutic Services holds that healing flows from compassion and love for oneself, finding our connection with Nature, with one another,and with our communities, and how we are connected through our desire to be heard, valued and loved. When we can cultivate lovingkindness and compassion for ourselves, it flows out to our families and our communities.

What “Agape” means:

The word “Agape,” (pronounced Ah-gah-pay), is often associated with Christianity, however, its etymology is rooted in ancient Greece and its meaning is all encompassing love for community. Therefore, by its meaning, Agape does not exclude any religion, spiritual belief, cultural belief or way of being in the world.