Sierra Agape’s Providers

Kimball Pier, Ph.D, LMFT – Founder of Sierra Agape

I am a depth psychologist strongly committed to the notion that psychology and its practices have been too strongly paired with Western medicine. My belief is that many conditions or states of mind are categorized as “mental illness,” when they could be more accurately described as adaptive responses. I practice with an ecopsychological perspective, that is, to attribute much of how we behave to imbalances in our relationship with Nature and imbalances in our culture. When I think about it, most of my own suffering and despair has been rooted in old judgments and old stories I have had about myself and through years of my own self-study and work as a depth psychotherapist, I have found this to be true for most of my clients. Once we tap into the awareness of how old stories and judgments from history and cultural norms have influenced our self-concept, we can begin to re-shape ourselves in ways that serve our lives. We can learn to let go of attachments, thoughts and beliefs that create our suffering. We free up space to tune into the voice of the heart and trusts its calling to bring us back into connection with our true nature. The science of western medicine continues to be a necessary and valuable aspect of treatment, however it is not always the solution. The art of psychology or studying soul is what can bring us peace and connection with ourselves and one another.

Dr. Pier grew up in North Lake Tahoe. She holds a master’s degree from Seattle Pacific University and marriage and family therapy and a Ph.D in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, CA. She completed training at the Deep Yoga School of Healing Arts in San Diego in July of 2011. Dr. Pier’s therapeutic practice is guided by many years of study in traditional models as well as dream tending, story-telling, ancient Vedic and Buddhist teachings and philosophy including the practice of yoga.

To schedule a consultation or to schedule psychotherapy sessions, please click on the appointment tab on this website or call 530-414-1885

Jocelyn Kreiss, M.D. – Integrative Psychiatry4156

Welcome Dr. Jocelyn Kreiss! As of November, 2015, we are so fortunate to have Dr. Kriess, a Board Certified Psychiatrist, working with us at Sierra Agape Therapeutic Services. She is now accepting new adult patients in her integrative psychiatry practice in Truckee. “I’m excited to bring together both traditional and non-traditional treatment strategies to help improve mental health outcomes. Integrative psychiatry focuses on wellness in the whole person, emphasizing the strengths and abilities in each individual in coping more skillfully with life stressors. I believe in the importance of western psychiatry, including medication management when needed. However, I strive to minimize the use of medications by offering alternative and adjunctive treatments including nutritional based therapies, functional medicine testing, and mindfulness training. In addition, I am a medical acupuncturist, which I use in my practice to help clients manage depression, anxiety, and insomnia. To be most effective, I believe my role as a physician is to build a trusting relationship that puts my patient at the center of all treatment decisions.”

Dr. Kriess’ medical school education and psychiatry residency were completed at Brown University and she has recently moved to Truckee with her husband, also a physician who practices at Renown Medical Center in the field of neurology, and their two children (and a new Labrador puppy). We are so grateful for all the innovative skills she brings to the practice of psychiatry.

Please contact Dr. Kreiss at 530-421-8288  – Email:

Jon L. Weedn, CMT

Meditation Trainer, Certified Massage Therapist

Jon L. Weedn, CMT has been a resident of the North Lake Tahoe Truckee area since 1973. His career  working in the hospitality industry, culminated in management of River Ranch Lodge for over 30 years. By the time he left that position in 2007, he’d gained a wealth of experience in how to listen effectively and use words wisely to motivate and teach employees. In 2000, Jon decided it was time for a change. Although he’d always been an athlete with a love for the outdoors, he was woven into a culture of substance abuse and odd hours which began to takes its toll. He began to explore the quieter life of going inward to discover peace within and living life according to the path of the heart. He began by learning the art and science of meditation and yoga. As he learned more, he felt called to do what he had always done – inspire others in ways that increased a sense of community and well-being. His professional development has included meditation teacher training at Ananda’s Expanding Light in Grass Valley, Spiritual Tools training and yoga instructor training at Yandara Yoga institute in Mexico. Jon completed additional yoga teacher training at Deep Yoga School of Healing Arts in San Diego in July of 2011. In the spring of 2012, Jon complete massage therapy training at the Healing Arts Insitute in Citrus heights, CA. His continuing education in body work includes specialty courses in deep tissue work and emphasis in understanding the neurochemistry of the mind-body connection

Jon has also been a coach for the Mitey Mite program at Squaw Valley since 1991 which has also honed his skills for teaching effectively, compassionately and creatively. Jon’s focus and attention rooted in a deep love for learning about people and making lasting connections


  • Meditation Group – Jon facilitates a Monday night meditation group at For Goodness Sake in Truckee which has grown in popularity since its beginning five years ago. Monday night groups begin at 6:30 and offer brief teachings on mindfulness and finding a sense of peace through quieting the mind followed by a 30 minute guided meditation practice. Anyone can participate regardless of experience. Groups are free to all participants, however donations are welcome and appreciated.
  • Individual Meditation Training-Jon offers individual meditation training for clients to learn a practice that fits them. . This service is offered on a donation basis with a $30.00 minimum suggested donation per session. For appointments, please call 530-318-6149.
  • Bodywork- Jon offers 90 minute sessions focused on healing touch and using the breath to deepen into the experience of massage. Jon also has training in deep tissue massage for those who are in need of myofascial release for injury prevention and recovery. Offered on a sliding fee scale from $40.00 to $65.00.

Jon’s signature style embodies simple and effective techniques that promote awareness and create the possibility of choosing how we want to be in the world. In addition to Sierra Agape workshops and retreats, Jon teaches and facilitates meditation classes at For Goodness Sake in Truckee.

To schedule a massage appointment with Jon, go to

Or, Jon can be reached at (530) 318-6149 or by email at


Jenna Granger – Health and Nutrition Coaching

When was the last time you talked with someone about your health and received the personal attention you deserve?

It’s rare for anyone to get an hour to work on their nutrition and goals with a trained professional. As a Health Coach, I create a supportive environment that will enable you to achieve all of your health goals. I have studied all the major dietary theories and use practical lifestyle coaching methods to guide you in discovering which approach works best for you.
Most approaches to nutrition dwell on calories, carbs, fats, proteins. Instead of creating lists of restrictions and good and bad foods, I coach my clients to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and free of denial and discipline.
No one diet works for everyone. I will guide you to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support you. I will also help you to make gradual, lifelong changes that enable you to reach your current and future health goals.

Could one conversation change your life? Schedule a free initial consultation with me today!

It is your life, why wait to be healthy and balanced? Why not lead your best life possible?

Contact me at 530-320-4356 or email

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Meg McCraken, E-RYT – Private Yoga Instruction and Yoga Therapy for Injury Prevention & Healing

I have always been an avid lover of life and particularly, life in the mountains. However, after years of rock climbing, trail running, mountain biking, snowboarding, mountaineering and surfing, I turned to yoga to heal my young, but failing body. What started out as a purely functional, physical practice, grew to so much more. As my body healed, heart opened and mind cleared, the stresses of life (big and little) began to simply roll through me and affect me less. My life became more vibrant and inspired than ever. Now, thanks to yoga, I continue play in the mountains with a renewed sense of passion and grace, excelling at the activities that once took such a toll on my body.

Lilli Meg Yoga

In 2007, after practicing and teaching yoga for several years, I opened Simple Yoga in Hamilton, MT and took on teaching yoga as my “full-time job”. But really sharing yoga is my passion in life and offering to this world. In total, I have been teaching for over 8 years and have 700+ hours of teacher training and yoga therapy training. I am eternally grateful to all of the teachers who have inspired my life and teachings: Nikki Doane, Eddie Modestini, Tias Little, Rod Stryker, Seane Corn, Noah Maze and many more.

Through my teaching, I am fully committed to helping you reap the amazing benefits of this practice and create a realm of boundless possibilities for your life. Whether your body is old or young, healthy or challenged in any way, this practice is for you. I have students who are healthy and active and those with health challenges including: cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, arthritis and various structural disabilities and chronic pain issues. No matter who you are, the practice of yoga can help you lead a healthy, vibrant, inspired life.

In my classes, expect not only to learn about the poses and the importance of precise alignment as they relate specifically to your unique body, but you will also have an experience with the breath work, yoga philosophy, meditation, chanting and mudras (hand gestures).  You will get lots of personal attention, work hard with intention, relax deeply, expand your awareness, increase your focus, laugh a lot and be fully supported through your journey. But most importantly, you will learn about yourself. Do you know that you have all of the strength, all of the grace, all of the courage, wisdom and love that you will ever need to live a fully inspired life in all moments? Come, uncover the depths of your truth to begin living an intentional, vibrant, fulfilling life.

I am also passionate about helping the children of this world through seva (service). Recently, my husband and I have been working with the good people of Haiti to provide resources and possibilities for their children. 

When I am not at the studio, you can find me with the loves of my life – Lilli, Mark, Laila & Libby exploring the mountains with freedom in my body and lightness in my heart!

To schedule private yoga instruction or yoga therapy (injury prevention and healing from injuries) contact Meg at or call her at 406-544-2101.

Meg teaches regular classes at Wanderlust Yoga Studio at Squaw valley as well. Check the schedule at or email meg at


Susie Alexander- Arts in Wellness – A Way of Healing through Artistic Expression

Susie Alexander, a local muralist and artist has founded a program called “Arts in Wellness,” a way of creative expression for those experiencing chronic illness or pain of any kind. The program is intended to provide artistic expression in the Truckee-Tahoe communities and in partnership with Tahoe Forest Hospital.

There is growing awareness in the health care fields that healing arts programs like Arts in Wellness are beneficial to anyone living with illness or pain of any kind, that physical pain is often decreased when it can be expressed through creativity. Healthcare facilities worldwide have recognized how art and creativity is beneficial to health and healing aside from being fun and enjoyable for anyone.

The core of Susie’s inspiration for creating Arts in Wellness is her belief that creativity exists within everyone, that it is our birthright to find our unique way of expressing our creativity and that our way of artistic expression has immediate and profound healing power. Having experienced this on a personal level, Susie’s passion grew for offering this way of creative expression to her community. Current research shows that connecting to our own intuitive creativity can radically change the experience of an illness.  Neurophysiologists and those practicing in the fields of oncology, palliative care and psychology now know that artistic expression, prayer, meditation and music have measurable effects on people’s experiences of pain and illness. Studies show that the ability of patients to activate their “inner healer” through creative expression, including dream work, singing, chanting, drumming or any form of creative expression activates neurological responses that trigger subtle physical changes and can decrease pain levels and positively impact immune system response. When people can change their way of experiencing and making meaning of pain and illness, the changes in neurological patterns are measurable.

The intent and mission of Arts in Wellness is to welcome everyone, artists and non-artists, to participate in learning how their connection to expression is unique and valid and to communicate with color in a way that perhaps they could never find words for.

For more information, please visit, You may contact Susie Alexander at 530-277-3669 or email her at for more information on programs.