Meditation has long been a part of many of the world’s spiritual followings. Holistic meditation focuses on maintaining a balance of physical, spiritual and mental well-being. At Sierra Agape, we teach techniques for effective meditation, achieving inner peace, calmness and self-awareness. With practice, you will learn how effective meditation can help put the stresses of life into perspective, enable you to better deal with pressures of day-to-day living, and add clarity to your long term goals and life plans.

  • Benefits for the Mind: With calmness comes lower stress and lower anxiety. Your ability to relax and focus will strengthen your mind and build self-confidence.
  • Benefits for the Body: The links between stress and high blood pressure, poor sleep and energy levels are all well known and immediate benefits of meditation. Equally significant are the lifestyle benefits that come from a spiritual connection between mind and body – a more acute awareness of physical care for yourself, your daily habits and your diet.
  • Benefits for the Soul: Regular meditation helps keep things in perspective. It provides you with the tools you need to take control of your life, set and reach greater goals, and gives you greater compassion for those around you.

Learning to calm the mind through breathing techniques and heal the body through gentle postures is essential to improving physical and mental health. With Sierra Agape, experience a holistic approach to increasing your overall well-being with yoga therapy and philosophical principles, meditation and massage. Jon L. Weedn, a Meditation Trainer & Certifed Massage Practitioner leads Sierra Agape Center’s meditation and massage therapy programs.

Private Meditation: You may schedule private meditation training sessions with Jon where you can learn a practice that fits for you. Please contact Jon to schedule an appointment at 530-318-6149.