Therapy for Individuals, Couples and Families emphasizing the relationship between emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

~ We cultivate humility and whole-heartedness to guide our paths, we delight in our differences and cultivate joy and gratitude for our similarities to one another ~

funny dog fightFOR ADULTS AND FAMILIES : Therapy is a commitment that individuals and couples make in services of learning about themselves and their relationships and how to create more balance, peace and enjoyment in their lives. Or, it may be a time where one needs to find healing from trauma or addiction.  Therapy is your time to discover, explore and learn in a safe environment. The therapeutic journey can take as much time as we think it needs; you are under no obligation to continue and you may decide at any point that you want to stop. It is a living breathing process which changes as we go.

For families, therapy provides opportunities to learn how certain patterns of behavior serve them or sabotage them. In family therapy, families can learn how to develop and establish ways of communicating that promote love, trust, peace and honesty through Non-Violent Communication. You can learn the Native American Way of Council to establish a ritual for story-telling and hearing one another in ways that foster compassion, kindness and understanding. Therapy for families is beneficial in helping family members feel empowered to speak their truth in how they experience the family dynamics and to accept responsibility for their role in the family system. We make the journey light-hearted; we teach parents practical and useful tools for engaging their children in conversation and cultivating their gifts and strengths.

Teen & Young Adult TherapySierra Agape Center’s vision from its beginning in the fall of 2010 was to provide a range of opportunities for everyone. Sierra Agape Center makes it a priority to be aware than some populations are more vulnerable than others and have fewer opportunities to access wellness services. One of our most vulnerable populations are adolescents and transitional age youth between the ages of 16 and 24. Adolescents can benefit from learning ways to manage emotions and situations that cause problems for them in school or in their relationships. We can work with adolescents who are having difficulty with the educational system by offering compassionate therapy and one on one meditation/mindfulness training. These techniques are invaluable for learning to be grounded in the here and now, how to respond skillfully to difficult people and situations rather than reacting, and perhaps most beneficial, learning to have a loving relationship with themselves.

 Therapy can be a safe place to unravel from difficult times at school and to explore opportunities for learning “outside the box” if mainstream education is not working for them or to discuss troubles they may be having in their families.

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