Teens & Young Adults

For Overwhelmed Teens...Sierra Agape Center is committed to supporting Tahoe-Truckee’s adolescents and transitional age youth (ages 16 to 24). Adolescents benefit by learning ways to manage their emotions that cause problems for them in school or in their relationships.

We work with adolescents who are having difficulty with the educational system by offering individual therapy combined with meditation practices and opportunities for creative expression with the Arts in Wellness program. We teach adolescents the benefits of body-mind awareness, such as practicing simple yoga postures, mindfulness practices including breath-work, nutrition and making simple healthy foods, and tapping into creative potential through art. Learning these practices will help teens develop wellness habits for life and will help replace habits that are not beneficial. In therapy, we teach teens how to communicate effectively and compassionately and how to problem solve thoughtfully and skillfully.

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