About the sliding fee system:

Sierra Agape Therapeutic Services seeks to make healing affordable to everyone in the community and for everyone to feel welcome regardless of financial circumstances. Our sliding fee system is based in the first Buddhist Paramita or commitment of Da-Na or generosity. We work on the honor system and ask the clients be as generous as possible given the realities of their budgets.


Dr. Pier accepts most Anthem Blue Cross Plans California Health and Wellness plans.


For those without insurance coverage or resources to pay the regular fee for psychotherapy, a sliding fee scale is available. The regular fee for psychotherapy is $150.00 per one hour session. The sliding scale begins at $90 per 60 minute session for psychotherapy based upon need. All sessions may include email summaries and linkage to adjunct resources. Half-hour follow-up sessions are available from $50 to $75 based upon need.

Divorce Mediation and Parenting Plan mediation:

The regular fee for mediation is $200.00 per 60 minute session. We do not offer a sliding fee scale for this service.

Massage Therapy:

Rates are $75 per one hour session; $125 per 90 minute session – Sliding fee available upon request.